Since 1957, SPRINGOIL has been designing and manufacturing Lube Specialties for Industrial and Automotive applications.

SPRINGOIL was a subsidiary of MOBIL until 1998, when it was incorporated in Fio Chemical S.p.A., a chemical company already sharing with TEXACO a challeging joint-venture in the European market of industrial lubricants.

Since 2000, SPRINGOIL formulates and manufactures Lube Specialties in its modern blending plant located in Bari (Italy), where:

SPRINGOIL - fio chemical S.p.A. is an active member of GAIL (Gruppo Aziende Industriali della Lubrificazione) - Federchimica - UEIL (Union Européenne des indèpendants en Lubrifiants)

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Gail - Federchimica
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